Monday, January 31, 2005

Hippies Use Side Door

Hippies Use Side Door
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Love this pic from my friend Twinmama.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


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Gotta love it.

I married a maniac and other nonsense

My husband has been rollerblading every rain-free day for about twelve years. He goes really fast over, around, through, beyond, all over. He is a maniac. I had suspicions of this when he insisted on going skating the day after he was knocked unconscious by a car. (He said the paramedics were really nice.) I had more suspicions when he couldn't shut up about how he couldn't wait to skate again after he got attacked by a dog while on his blades and got bitten and knocked down, resulting in the biggest gnarliest hematoma imaginable. But now I know he is a maniac. I have proof. He has started using his Palm Zire to make videos when he goes skating. He sent a link to said videos to some "wacky shit on the web" kinda place, and they are now letting people check out his videos. So, here ya go. Go crazy. See my man in action. Don't forget to turn up your speakers to partake of the tunes.

In other news... have you chosen your attire for Thursday? I have a suggestion. All us cool kids in mourning will be wearing them. Sigh.

Next... have I told you our son is the coolest kid in the universe? I just need to say it. For two reasons. One: Because he makes my heart sing. He makes everything...Groovy... and Two: Because now I'm going to laugh at him and it makes me feel better to say something nice first. He had his first basketball game Saturday. There's nothing like a gaggle of kindergarteners trying to shoot hoops. Especially when one of them is our darling uncoordinated, tangle-footed little goob. Oh, baby, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. He loved every minute of it. Came home talking about how good he is, and how great the game was. I love that little goofball. I'm glad he's playing basketball. And I'm glad he's pursuing other interests, too, like chess. It's pretty tough to get hurt playing chess. Although he did tip his chair over at chess club last week...

I really do adore that boy. Last week I went to pick him up from school and said to one of the other moms, "Ya know, I was kind of in a funk all day, and then when it was time to come and get him I totally perked up because I couldn't wait to see him. And now that I'm here, I feel great." A bunch of momheads spun towards me, puzzled looks on the momfaces. One said, "Really? That's really neat. I can't remember the last time I looked forward to seeing one of my kids. Usually it's like, 'Oh, shit, it's already time to go get him.' I'm just so busy."

I sincerely hope I will never be too busy to want to see my sweet patootie. He is my sunshine. He makes me happy when skies are gray.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

lead me not into temptation...

...for I can find it myself, as they say.

I was coming home from the DMV and for the first time in years noticed a donut shop a block ahead of me. And suddenly, out loud, I said to myself, "I'm gonna f'ing have a f'ing donut!" I go years between donuts. And out of the blue, it hit me. I got all giggly, pulled in, and got myself a giant f'ing donut. I came home, cranked The Waifs on the stereo, poured a giant glass of water, and ate the thing. Okay, it was seriously fun. I felt all silly. Now, of course, I feel like I've been eating concrete and I'm pretty sure I have a knot in my head from the sugar, but it was fun for about 17 minutes. Damn, I'm getting so impulsive in my old age. WooHoo!

Also went to lunch with a friend at the Madonna Inn in the Copper Cafe. It is, ya know, where the fogies dine. And I am now a fogey, having recently passed my 40th birthday. I considered donning some polyester for my lunch expedition, but I had no orthopedic shoes to match, so I stuck with my normal "whatever's not in desperate need of washing" attire. I had an egg-salad sandwich. It dribbled. I was youngest among the "ladies who lunch" crowd in the place, yet the only one dribbling food. Sigh. Next time I will order something tidier, since, well, ya know, I'll be even older next time.

BTW, I just used the Blogger spellcheck for the first time. It does not recognize donut, giggly, fogey, or spellcheck.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Okey-dokey then

Well, here we are. 2005. Our son thinks he stayed up past midnight at Grandma's. He had a great time thinking he was staying up that late. Today his father and I will milk it, explaining that he really should take a nap after staying up that late, telling him he'll have to go to bed early to make up for it, etc.

My mom and dad stayed for a waffle feast when they dropped the little man off this morning. We didn't ship him off so we could party last night. He just begged to stay at G&G's because they spoil him rotten. So the hubby and I stayed home, ordered pizza, laughed and frolicked. Oh, and we played with the little man's Hot Wheels. One of my favorite moments was sitting on the Santa rug at the top of the stairs waiting for the pizza guy. We were sipping wine, chatting about how lucky and grateful we are to have the life we're living. Our amazing son, so loving and sweet, intelligent and compassionate, hilarious, too. Our home in just the right location. Hubby's job, which he truly enjoys. Each other.

Christmas was nice. Celebrated a few days early with the in-laws, then at home on Christmas morning, followed by a jaunt to my parents' pad. My local sisters and their kids were there, too. Quite fun and lots of food. Then back home and a visit with hubby's parents. And lots of playing. Gotta love having a kid. So much to play with.

Got my own new toys, too, including a "Po' Gal's Pod" -- a Palm with a big ole SD card so I can not only organize and track my life, but choose from hundreds of groovy tunes as I do so.

My birthday's in a few days. Oh, my. Let's not go there quite yet.
Smoocharoo to all of yas.