Monday, July 25, 2005

Have I said I love summer?

I haven't been posting much because I've been very busy since returning from vacation. Each morning, there is much coffee needing my attention. And breakfast to be prepared and consumed. A crossword puzzle to do. Laundry and housekeeping to ignore. A pool to splash in. Bread to bake. Grapes to pick and eat. A darling little boy to play with. A husband to hug. Games to play. Friends and neighbors to hang out with.

Indeed, there is much to do. Yesterday I had to decide which custom jewelry I should wear. The dyed noodles on green and blue pipe cleaner necklace, or the noodle and bead bracelet?

Yesterday we made grapeade from the grapes in the backyard. It was tasty. All three of us splashed in the goob's pool until almost 7pm and then ate popcorn for dinner. (Organic, stove-popped, with butter and salt.) We've been staying up late and doing whatever we feel like. Because we can.

Last night I cut the goob's hair and today I cut my mom's hair. The goob was talking to her on the phone this morning and he told her I could cut her hair if she came over, so she hopped in the car. I must say, it looks pretty dang good. I was kind of afraid, because every time she gets her hair cut she comes by and complains about what a bad job they did. So, if you see my mom, find out what she really thinks about her haircut and report back.

Hubby has been working on clearing out the post-remodel and various other debris from the very back of our lot. No more Sanford and Son set replica, darn.

I keep saying I'm gonna work on the house and get things accomplished, but as you can see, I've been busy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

So freakin' cool.

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The orcas (which aren't really whales, they are dolphins) in the Johnstone Strait in BC have all been identified. There is a book that shows their lineage. The family group we encountered had a grandma and her off-spring. The fathers never go with the pod. These female-led family groups stay together, but their children sneak off to mate, then return to their families. There are about 200 in the area, but we only saw one family because it is early in the season.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Good to be home

Just got home from a two week trip. We went to the north end of Vancouver Island to go whale watching. It rocked. We visited many wonderful friends along the way. We are now tired and wading in dirty laundry.

More later!