Thursday, November 09, 2006

We now return to our program...

Silly me. I allowed real life to get in the way of my cyber-life. So, here's a scramble of what I've been up to...

The goob and hubby are back in school. I have a new job as the Public Relations Coordinator for a local marketing firm. It's really fun. I love the work -- I get to write, edit, do publicity and public relations for our firm and our clients, plan events, etc. They're very nice people and my schedule is perfect. I work three days a week while the goob is in school. Can you say FOUR DAY WEEKENDS!?! Very groovy. Oh, and I get these things called paychecks. They are a pretty color with nice words on them.

The election is over. Locally, not good. Nationally, woohoo!

In other news, my poor oldest sister got the same nasty flu that took me down for half the summer. Hers lasted six weeks, too, and she had all the same weird symptoms I did. It was kind of reassuring for both of us in a weird way, since we were both pretty sure the freaky symptoms were never-before-seen and meant something scary. Now we're both recovered, finally!

The goob is doing more than okay at school. Recent assessments show that at age 7 he has the vocabulary of a 22-year old and is reading at the highest level they tested for, which is "7th grade and above". He reads these 300+ page novels and stuff. It's amazing to see this little guy blazing through these big fat books. He's also playing soccer. The season ends tomorrow with a back-to-back double header. Ugh. I mean, "Yea, Team!!" Then he'll probably move back to swimming, since he is (thank you nameless deity) NOT playing basketball this year. Praise the sports gods, I could not spend another season in that cramped little gym listening to my husband yelling in my ear.

And now, suddenly, the holidays are looming. I will do my best to hide from the empty calories that will be coming out of the walls soon. I will try to avoid the crazy suffocating consumerism that thickens the air. I will remain calm and joyful and ever thankful.

Life is good...


Anonymous Stephanie said...

300-page novels?! Wow!
And what a swell job - I'd say its groovy, with those four-day weekends :)

Silly you, nothing, real life rocks. I'm going back to it right now!

Happy New Year!

7:37 PM  

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