Monday, August 21, 2006

Hasta luego, amigo...

And away she goes. It's official. We are selling the Steel Sausage. The transport truck is coming Wednesday evening and our van is headed to a new family in San Diego.

I was trying to reminisce about all the fun times the other day.

Me: Remember that trip to Mexico?
Hubby: Remember when it broke down in that hotel parking lot before we ever got there?

Me: Remember that Christmas trip to Vegas with Jen and Andrew?
Hubby: Remember me and Andrew sleeping in the van on Christmas night and you girls flying home because we couldn't find a mechanic on Christmas?

Me: Remember... oh, never mind.
We had a campout in the van in the backyard last night. We had a fire in the firepit and ate around the fire. Then we went into the van and played Uno and read Encyclopedia Brown mysteries to each other until we fell asleep.

My sleep lasted about ten minutes. Every time hubby rolled over in the top bunk it shook the entire van like an earthquake, shaking me away. Finally I just gave up and stayed awake, waiting for morning.

Now it's almost 11am. Hubby is taking a nap in the bedroom. The goob went back out to the van with some books and a pillow.

Farewell, big brown turd. It's been fun.


Blogger Twinmama said...

Bruce had one of these, and several other VWs as well. My impression of them is they're great vehicles when they're running, and they are best owned by people who are in fact VW mechanics. Ask Bruce to tell you his story about hiking down a highway with the engine from his bus sometime ;)

8:48 PM  

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