Friday, March 17, 2006

In the land of Normal...

The goob's had plenty to keep him occupied. There has been an invasion of sorts in his classroom. Evidence of leprechauns everywhere. Little green footprints, trails of glittering gold, clovers, and general disarray. Desks have been overturned and notes have been left by "Mr. Leprechaun." He has also accidentally left behind his spectacles and hat. A golden potato was on a counter. The kids are having a grand time searching for his treasure. They have been promised a clue today. Other schools in the district have reported similar mayhem.

The first words out of the goob's mouth this morning were, "Happy Saint Patrick's Day!" He put on a green shirt and rifled through my sock bins for my green socks. I made him green eggs for breakfast. I used the stick blender to blend spinach into his eggs. And of course, I made potatoes. You have to have potatoes on St. Pat's Day.

Tonight we are supposed to go to a big party nearby. I hope the rain doesn't interfere. As you can probably guess, I could use a party right about now.


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